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Emerid Smartwetsuit

The safest and smartest Wetsuit on the market

NFC Technology
Neoprene customization from your smartphone.

Yamamoto foam
Made in Yamamoto neoprene with maximum flexibility.

Quick Dry
Quick Dry inner lining for ultra fast drying.

High quality 4/3 mm
For the greatest comfort in the autumn / winter season.

Stunning new design fro this spring

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Seland 3/2 Smartwetsuit powered by Emerid System

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Seland SmartWesuit 3/2 mm, that thanks to the technology of Emerid System, stores the information of its owner in a very small device located in the front of the suit. In addition to using the best materials for total flexibility and super fast drying, it has an identification system that, through NFC technology, transmits the personal, medical and contact data of the user as well as the exact location in which it is located, once read the contactless device. In addition, as a functionality for the user of the neoprene suit, after the scan, we will see a detailed report to 7 days of the conditions of the sea in the closest spot to the location where you are.

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The Seland 3/2mm Smart Wetsuit powered by Emerid System has been developed in collaboration with the Basque producer of wetsuits Seland. It is a wetsuit of the highest quality that incorporates a device with NFC technology through which is offered instantly different data about the user, such as personal, medical and contact information in addition to the geographical location of the user.

We offer to the practitioners of risk aquatic sports the possibility of wearing a wetsuit totally personalized and that provides a clear value; increase their safety and tranquility during the practice of these sports in the event of accidents knowing that they carry with them all relevant information concerning their health, contact persons and location in order to be attended in a more efficient way if necessary.

This Smartwetsuit has been made using the latest developments in design and materials thanks to the high quality Yamamoto fabric which makes it very resistant at the same time as flexible and also brings liner Quick Dry for rapid drying.

Today, the only innovation that is carried out in the wetsuit sector is related only to the materials of neoprene manufacture: the quality of the neoprene, its conditions of tightness, interior fabrics of fast drying… From Emerid we wanted to turn this concept around and start innovating by providing these wetsuits with various technological features, incorporating a device that will bring value to users and even save lives.

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FEATURES: ○ QUICK DRY: New material that facilitates and reduces the drying time of the suit, and in turn brings more heat. ○ Neoprene YAMAMOTO ULTRASTRETCH in the entire suit. ○ Necks in SCS without interior seams to avoid friction. ○ Glued and stitched with external double seam. ○ Interior sealing of the seams with super elastic neoprene YAMAMOTO. ○ Preformed legs and arms to facilitate movement. ○ Zig-zag seam on cuffs of arms and legs, which allows a greater adjustment of the suit. ○ Interior laminate "Quick Dry" up to the knees, which provides heat. ○ YKK front zip closure system and super elastic inner collar. ○ Strong Pad kneepads (high strength material). ○ Rubber on the inside flap to store the keys. ○ Water drainage orifices (Front and rear)

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