Orca in collaboration with Emerid, launches Orca OpenWater SW, the smartwetsuit for open water swimming

After several months working together with Emerid, Orca launches the smart wetsuit: Orca Openwater SW.

The new smartwetsuit from the renowned brand with New Zealand origins is the perfect combination of safety and technicality. An open water wetsuit that instantly provides useful information about the athlete in case of an accident or emergency that increases swimmer’s safety at sea..

The visibility of the wetsuit is another feature in the wetsuit design. Its high intensity orange color on the sleeves and legs will help surfers and swimmers to be more visible at sea.

The Emerid NFC device is incorporated in the left sleeve, which, when scanned, will provide useful data in terms of healthcare and location.

In addition, Emerid has incorporated a new functionality: a training timer. Once the expected time for open water training is set, timing begins. When the time is over, if the timer is not switched off, Emerid will notify via email the emergency contact that has been previously set, with the last location where the training timer was activated.

Traje neopreno NFC Emerid Orca

We want to thank Orca for their support and commitment with the safety of swimmers, and their commitment with integration of NFC technology in wetsuits through Emerid.

¡We continue improving your safety!


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