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Pet ID nameplate NFC

It allows whoever finds your pet to contact via WhatsApp or call and access their medical records.

In addition, you receive its location on your smartphone when Emerid Pets is scanned.

Why Emerid Pets?

If your pet is lost or has an accident, it can be identified or located where it is.

owner identification pet id nameplate NFC Emerid pets

Owner identification

With Emerid Pets, the pets owner can be easily identified by storing his data on the Emerid Pets device.

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Notification with location

When someone taps into the Emerid Pets tag on your pet’s collar, you we will receive an email with the location where your pets was found.

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Medical records

With Emerid Pets people get access to medical records of your pet such as age, diet, vaccinations and operations.

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Contact numbers

Emerid Pets allows you to store up to 3 emergency contact numbers besides yours.

Emerid pets identificacion contactless para tu mascota

We identify your pet thanks to NFC | Contactless technology and our platform.

Whoever finds your pet should only tap into the device with their smartphone.
No GPS, batteries, or maintenance.

No need to download Applications to use.

Emerid Pets Benefits

easy installation pet id nameplate NFC Emerid pets icon

Easy installation y fast set up

You will set up your Emerid Pets in less than 4 minutes.

resistant pet id nameplate NFC Emerid pets icon


Emerid Pets is dust and waterproof and resistant to extreme conditions.

extended service and warranty pet id nameplate NFC Emerid pets icon

Extended service and warranty

Technical support and 2 years of warranty.

no maintenance pet id nameplate NFC Emerid pets icon

No Maintenance

Emerid Pets is paid once, no maintenance, nor batteries.

no apps pet id nameplate NFC Emerid pets icon

No APP’s

With Emerid Pets you don’t need to download apps.

secure data pet id nameplate NFC Emerid pets icon

Secure data & global use

With Emerid Pets your pet can be identified in any part of the world, and we keep your privacy (GDPR Compliance)


Join us and become a distributor!!

We are looking for distributors to expand Emerid Pets all across Europe.

We offer to your company an innovative and problem solver product that helps your customers shops to increase the medium ticket at the checkout process.

Pet ID nameplate NFC Emerid Pets

Forget about losing your pet and having to go to the police or veterinarian.
We have created Emerid Pets with the premise of making possible the identification of any pet anywhere in the world.
That is why Emerid Pets is easy to use, ultra resistant and economical..

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