NFC technology is present in our day to day, mobile payments, in our contactless credit cards, in cards for public transport, access cards to garages and facilities … Its acronym means Near Field Communication near field). It is a wireless communication technology that makes it possible to exchange data between devices safely and immediately.

Current identification systems and processes need to comply with demanding security and speed protocols in the transmission of information but it is also important that they be universal so that any person in case of emergency can use that information.

And NFC technology perfectly meets all these requirements as it is a virtually instantaneous communication technology, with very high security standards regulated by the NFC Forum and is a technology compatible with more than 80% of the world’s smartphones.

We are usually asked about if NFC technology is similar to a QR code. And the answer is NO.

The NFC can have all the functionalities that a QR has but a QR code cannot have all the functionalities of an NFC device. The type and standards of communication are totally different, the way of using it is totally different …

Below we show you the main differences between NFC technology and QR codes and surely your verdict is similar to ours. Victory by K.O of the NFC !!!

nfc vs qr


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Emerid’s acceleration week at SOSA, TEl AVIV

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Emerid System selected for SOSA, Tel Aviv.

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