Emerid Lite

If you lose your keys, anyone, anywhere in the world could contact you


¿What is Emerid Lite?

A reduced version of Emerid System consisting of a NFC Contactless tag-keychain that provides the contact phone of the owner of an object (keys, backpacks, etc).


What information does Emerid Lite offer?

Owner ID

With Emerid Lite people can know who is the owner of the keys.

Telephone contact

Emerid Lite allows you to store your phone number to be contacted in case you lose your keys.

Use mode

How does Emerid Lite work?

Place a smartphone with NFC activated on the Emerid Lite label and the information will be displayed on the screen instantly.


How do I record my contact in Emerid Lite?

Unlike Emerid System devices that do not require any app to write data or read it, in Emerid Lite it is necessary that you use our App available in the Play Store:

You just have to enter your name and phone number, click on WRITE EMERID LITE and they will be engraved on the EMERID LITE label. Keep in mind that you can only write the information once, so please check that the information is correct before writing it.

Once this is done, your Emerid Lite device will be ready.

Every time someone places his smartphone on it, simply with a smartphone with NFC (contactless) and without needing any APP, your name and contact phone number will be displayed on the screen like this:


How is Emerid Lite

No more APPs

Emerid Lite works without downloading any APP.

No more batteries

Emerid Lite works without batteries.

Global Solution

Emerid Lite has been developed so you can be identified anywhere in the world.

Safe Data & GDPR

Emerid Lite keeps your data protected by strictly complying with the GDPR.

No maintenance

Emerid Lite does not require physical maintenance or the payment of annual fees.

Do you want this product on your company?

If you are a company, and you are interested in this product, check our B2B section.