¿How does Emerid works?

In three simple steps you can understand how our products work:

  • Tap into Emerid device or logo with your smartphone with NFC enabled and internet network. The users profile will be display instantly on you smartphones screen.
  • You can verify the user identity with his picture and personal data. Moreover you can access to medical records and emergency contacts.
  • In case of emergency, presh emergency direct call button, on your screens bottom right, to be connected with your local emergency service.

¿What NFC Technology is?

It is a high-frequency, short-range, wireless communication technology that enables data exchange between devices. (Near Field Communication or near field communication-NFC)

Communication and data exchange

It can be used like Bluetooth, as a protocol to transfer files, being faster and safer.

Daily used technology

NFC facilitates daily life, you use it to pay with your Smartphone, for transport system payments, etc.

Secured Data

It is a technology with potential, it is used to identify people attending events or other purposes only with the smartphone.

Device Synchronization

This technology allows synchronization with other devices, such as hearing aids, printers, among others.

¿Is my smartphone compatible with NFC technology?

86% of smartphones available on the market have this technology already integrated.


Android incorporates this technology since 2011, nowadays the vast majority of its devices have it. Check if your model is compatible here.


Apple incorporates it from IPhone XS model on, as native functionality and since August 2020 in all its terminals with the latest IOS update.

Emerid Benefits

Easy installation y fast set up

You will set up your Emerid in less than 4 minutes.


Emerid is dust and waterproof and resistant to extreme conditions.

Extended service and warranty

Technical support and 2 years of warranty.

No Maintenance

Emerid is paid once, no maintenance, nor batteries.

No APP’s

With Emerid you don’t need to download apps.

Secure data & global use

With Emerid your pet can be identified in any part of the world, and we keep your privacy (GDPR Compliance)

NFC identification always with you

Hemos creado Emerid  con la premisa de facilitar la identificación de cualquier persona en cualquier parte del mundo.

That’s why Emerid is easy to use, ultraresistant and economic.

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