¿How does Emerid work?

Tap on the Emerid device or logo

Put your smartphone with NFC activated and internet network above the Emerid identification logo. The user’s profile will be showed in your screen without needing to do anything.

Verify his identity, medical data, contact data and location

Verify the user’s identity with his photo and personal information data. You can check as well the medical file and data of contact people.

Communication with Emergency services or relatives

If the situation requires it, presh the direct call emergency button you find at the bottom right of your screen to request aid immediately.


How is Emerid

No more APPs

Emerid works without downloading any APP.

No more batteries

Emerid works without batteries. 

Ultra Resistant

Emerid contains 3M adhesive to be pasted in helmets & bags version.

Global solution

Emerid has been developed to make possible to identify people & items all over the world.

No maintenance

Emerid does not need physical maintenance or paying annual fees.

Safe data

Emerid System complies with GDPR. Besides, it maintains your data protected.

Ok but… ¿What is NFC?

Near-field communication (NFC) is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows data exchange between devices.

NFC standards cover communication protocols and data exchange formats. It can also be used, like Bluetooth, as a protocol for transfering files, being even faster and safer than this.

These NFC standards are set by NFC FORUM, which is a non-profit industry association formed to advance the use of NFC short-range wireless interaction in consumer electronics, mobile devices and others.


¿Are you aware about Contactless NFC technology?

NFC Contactless is a technology that makes our daily lives easier. Here are some use cases that are performed daily with NFC:

  • Payments with smartphones (Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay…).
  • Payment System in a public transport worldwide.
  • Even wristbands, also used as a payment method.
  • Synchronization with other technological devices (cameras, headphones, printers…).

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