Emerid selected for SOSA, Tel Aviv

Just finished the leading event in innovation “Digital Summit Chile“, in which we have been able to have presence and release Emerid Card, in addition to enjoying the great advantages that this entails, knowing the entrepreneurship frameworks and large networks of investors in the country, in addition to seeing from within and collaborating with the development of the “Pacific Alliance” between Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, we give you the news that Emerid System will travel along with 6 other Bizkaian startups to Tel Aviv, Israel, where we will enjoy during the following months of an acceleration program thanks to the agreement signed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia with the Israeli accelerator Sosa, which also has an important headquarters in New York.

This agreement is part of “Bizkaia connected to the world”, one of the 4 main axes of the Bizkaia 2030 strategy, which tries, among other things, to “strengthen the globalization of our companies and ensure that our territory is positioned on the world agenda, to through an active and systematic presence in relevant international networks and forums, ”as the Diputación itself tells us.

After the connections that were closed in 2016 with the accelerators located in Boston, MassChallenge and Cambridge Innovation Center, CIC, the agreement now arrives with the accelerator Sosa Tel Aviv, thus expanding the Bizkaia 2030 strategy to the Middle East and accessing what is considered the second most important entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world.

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To thank the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and Bizkaia Beaz for this great opportunity to participate in the Sosa acceleration program which, together with our current acceleration process in Magical Startup Chile, will be a great help to continue developing our idea on the other side of globe and make Emerid System the identification system of the 21st century.

Emerid’s acceleration week at SOSA, TEl AVIV

Emerid’s acceleration week at SOSA, TEl AVIV

Thanks to the collaboration between BEAZ BIZKAIA from Bizkaia Regional Gob. , SOSA accelerator and Cardumen Capital, seven bizkaian startups have had the opportunity to travel to one of the most innovative ecosystems of the world. Between meetings and workshops, we...

Release of Emerid Contact Card In Digital Summit 2020 (Chile)

Release of Emerid Contact Card In Digital Summit 2020 (Chile)

Emerid participó en Digital Summit 2020 (Chile) a través de Emerid Contact Card, la pulsera de acceso al evento con tecnología NFC que se convierte en tu tarjeta de visita digital para el networking durante el evento y que posteriormente podrás reutilizar para colocarla en tu llavero, mochila, bolso…

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