Emerid connects more than 1200 people in the event that sets the trend of the year in terms of innovation

NFC brazaletes that turns into your digital contact card for networking

Emerid System participated in the seventh edition of the Digital Summit in Chile an event organized by Magical Startups with an attendance of more than 1,200 people. Under the slogan “Technology for Social Good”, the Digital Summit 2020 brought together the community of entrepreneurs, private investors and companies related to the world of disruptive innovation to discuss the current and future challenges of the era of digitalization for the country, and the role that governments have in conjunction with startups to promote and boost the development of the sector. The event featured important speakers such as Iván Vera, a benchmark for innovation in Chile and founder and president of Innspiral, Magical Startups and Turingo, the co-founder and CTO of NotCo Karim Pichara, Jeremy Hull, senior vice president of innovation at Iprospect or Mona Sloane member of the public knowledge institute (IPK) and associate professor at the University of New York.

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Once again, Emerid did it and announced a new product through the event wristbands that included a digital business cards with NFC technology and a QR code specially designed for the event. The wristbands were distributed to all attendees as accreditations. The objective was for the event collaborators to exchange their personal data, social networks and email, replacing traditional paper cards in this way and revolutionizing the way in which networking is done. The bracelets worked as a brand image and had a great impact among the public who approached the Emerid stand to learn more about the technology and the different products..

Stand Emerid System Digital Summit 2020 Santiago Chile

Venture capital investors and leading companies in the Latin American market were very interested in Emerid’s value proposition to revolutionize the way we identify ourselves in the 21st century. In the same way, Emerid was invited to participate in other similar events in Chile.
We continue to grow and we begin this year 2020 with great expectations of being able to penetrate the helmet market through Emerid Helmet and suitcases with the Emerid Bags product and thus expand the use of NFC technology.

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NFC technology is present in our day to day, mobile payments, in our contactless credit cards, in cards for public transport, access cards to garages and facilities ... Its acronym means Near Field Communication near field). It is a wireless communication technology...

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