Add value to your customers by integrating NFC into your products

Integrate NFC

Create a new category of products with unique functionalities that add value to your customers.


¿Why integrate Emerid in your products?

By integrating Emerid in your products your company adds value to your customers, by adding complementary functionalities to your products original use.

Brand & Personalize

Customize NFC devices and platform with your branding and add custom-made functionalities.

Why to brand and personalize with Emerid?

Our products have a multitude of functionalities that allow us to offer the best-personalized experiences using NFC technology.

¿Por qué elegir Emerid?

Mejora la seguridad de las personas y activos ante situaciones de emergencia de una forma rápida y segura

dispositivo nfc emerid

Dispositivos Contactless

Tu empresa dispondrá de dispositivos de calidad, ultra resistentes a todo tipo de climatología y adversidades.


Nuestra plataforma incluye tu dashboard de empresa personalizado con datos estadísticos para conocer mejor a tus clientes.


Tus dispositivos funcionarán gracias a una plataforma desarrollada pensando en el usuario.


Tu empresa podrá personalizar a su gusto los dispositivos, el packaging y la plataforma.

Icono llamada directa a emergencias emerid helmet

Post Venta

Ponemos a tu disposición un equipo de profesionales que te ayudarán si es necesario.


Te identificamos ante una emergencia gracias a la tecnología NFC Contactless

Quien te encuentre tan sólo debe acercar su smartphone al dispositivo.

Sin GPS, baterías, ni mantenimiento. No es necesario descargar Aplicaciones para su uso.

Emerid Benefits

Easy installation y fast set up

You will set up your Emerid in less than 4 minutes.


Emerid is dust and waterproof and resistant to extreme conditions.

Extended service and warranty

Technical support and 2 years of warranty.

No Maintenance

Emerid is paid once, no maintenance, nor batteries.

No APP’s

With Emerid you don’t need to download apps.

Secure data & global use

With Emerid your pet can be identified in any part of the world, and we keep your privacy (GDPR Compliance)


Contactless Pandemic

The global health alert situation has made us change our way of socialing and interacting in public spaces.

Contact us and discover everything we can contribute to your products.

Without APPs, batteries, annual fees, or maintenance.

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Together we create products that make your customers to fall in love

A few years ago we created Emerid with the premise of facilitating the identification of anyone in any part of the world.

Thanks to our experience, we now offer all kinds of functionalities to make your products add value to your customers while creating a new relationship with them.

This is why Emerid is easy to use, ultra-resistant, inexpensive, and works without downloading APPs, using lithium batteries, and without subscriptions.