NFC identification in your bike

Emerid Bike NFC Identifier allows you to identify yourself , access your medical records and contact your beloved ones.
In case of loss of your Bike you receive its location on your smartphone when Emerid Bike is scanned.

Why Emerid Bike?

In case of emergency in which every minute counts, you will wear on your bike:

Owner identification

With Emerid Bike you will have the
tranquility of being identifiable in
seconds in case of emergency.

Icono llamada directa aemergencias emerid helmet

Emergency services

When scanning Emerid Bike, any
person will see on their screen a button to call immediately to emergency services.

Medical records

With Emerid Bike people get access to your medical records to personalize your assistance from the first moment.

Contact numbers

Emerid Bike allows you to store up to 3 emergency contact numbers.


We identify you thanks to NFC | Contactless technology and our platform.

In case of emergency, whoever finds you should only tap into the emerid tag with their smartphone to identify you .
No GPS, batteries, subscriptions or maintenance. No need to download Applications to use.

Emerid Bike Benefits

Easy installation y fast set up

You will set up your Emerid Bike in less than 4 minutes.


Emerid Bike is dust and waterproof and resistant to extreme conditions.

Extended service and warranty

Technical support and 2 years of warranty.

No Maintenance

Emerid Bike is paid once, no maintenance, nor batteries.

No APP’s

With Emerid Bike you don’t need to download apps.

Secure data & global use

With Emerid Bike you can be identified in any part of the world, and we keep your privacy (GDPR Compliance)


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We are looking for distributors to expand Emerid Bike all across Europe.

We offer to your company an innovative and problem solver product that helps your customers shops to increase the medium ticket at the checkout process.

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Our compromise to improve roads safety

Despite the global trend to have safer roads, there are still 

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