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We identify you & what you care most about

Whoever finds your Emerid, just need to tap into your identification device to get information that helps you.

No Apps, batteries or maintenance.

With Emerid any person in any place can identify you or what you care most about.

No Apps, just tap into Emerids device and get relevant information

In 3 simple steps, you can understand how our products works:

  • Tap into the Emerid device with your smartphone with NFC enabled and internet.
  • Check relevant info like: identification of user/owner, medical records or flight info.
  • Contact emergency services, owners or emergency contacts..
Dispositivos identificación NFC Emerid banner

Emerid Products

NFC | Contactless identification devices that make possible to provide you the best attention in case of emergency.

With no Apps, Batteries or maintenance.


NFC | Contactless Platename for animals Emerid Pets

Your animal always identified in case of loss or emergency.
With direct Whatsapp and Found location.

NFC | Contactless identifier for helmets

Identificador NFC para todo tipo de cascos Emerid Helmet
Identificador NFC para todo tipo de cascos Emerid Helmet

NFC | Contactless identifier for bicycles

Identificador NFC para bicicletas Emerid Bike
Identificador NFC para bicicletas Emerid Bike

NFC | Contactless identifier for luggage

Identificador NFC para equipajes Emerid Bags
Identificador NFC para equipajes Emerid Bags
Orca Emerid

Emerid products for companies & distributors

Integrate Emerid devices in your products, brand our B2C products with your company colors and logos, or become a distributor in your country.

Integrate Emerid in your productss

Let’s create together a new category of products that delivers more value to your clients, and allows you to have a better knowledge of them thanks to our data dashboard

Your SMART_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Brand Emerid B2C products

Our B2C products are perfect to promote your customers loyalty.

We can personalize your devices and platform, or build personalized features.

Distribute our products

Emerid has different innovative products that help people in their daily lives.

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Latest news about Emerid and NFC | Contactless technology

Emerid Orca neopreno OpenWater SW

Orca in collaboration with Emerid launches Orca OpenWater SW

After several months working together with Emerid, Orca launches the smart wetsuit: Orca Openwater SW. The new smartwetsuit from the renowned brand with New Zealand origins is the perfect combination of safety and technicality. An open water wetsuit that instantly...

Emerid’s acceleration week at SOSA, TEl AVIV

Thanks to the collaboration between BEAZ BIZKAIA from Bizkaia Regional Gob. , SOSA accelerator and Cardumen Capital, seven bizkaian startups have had the opportunity to travel to one of the most innovative ecosystems of the world. Between meetings and workshops, we...

Emerid System selected for SOSA, Tel Aviv.

Just finished the leading event in innovation "Digital Summit Chile", in which we have been able to have presence and release Emerid Card, in addition to enjoying the great advantages that this entails, knowing the entrepreneurship frameworks and large networks of...
Pulseras NFC Emerid Contact Card en Digital Summit 2020

Release of Emerid Contact Card In Digital Summit 2020 (Chile)

Emerid participó en Digital Summit 2020 (Chile) a través de Emerid Contact Card, la pulsera de acceso al evento con tecnología NFC que se convierte en tu tarjeta de visita digital para el networking durante el evento y que posteriormente podrás reutilizar para colocarla en tu llavero, mochila, bolso…